Texas Congressman Remains Concerned About North Korea

Spectacular though the failure may have been–a Texas Congressman remains very concerned as North Korea appears poised to continue to develop a nuclear weapons program–that would include a missile capable of delivering such a warhead to the United States.

“The message was we are strong–and we can hurt you” Thornberry, who Chairs the House Armed Services Committee told Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, when asked for his takeaway on the test, which ended with an explosion seconds after the missile was launched.

“I have no doubt that they are driving toward that (being able to put a nuclear warhead on a missile that can reach the United States), and every test–failure or success–helps them” the far North Texas Republican said, adding he has no doubts about the aims of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.

“This guy is not interested in negotiation. He wants to have an inter-ballistic missile… with a nuclear warhead… to threaten us” the Congressman said.

Meanwhile, Thornberry told Wallace the Trump Administration sent an important message of its own last week in using the “MOAB” or ┬áso-called “mother of all bombs” on a cave complex in Afghanistan, killing dozens of ISIS fighters.

“He (President Trump) is sending a message that now the United States is going to stand up for our interests, and make sure that we have the military capability to prevail if we choose to use force” Thornberry said.


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