Texas Elector Won’t Vote for Trump

At least one “faithless elector” who won’t cast an Electoral College vote for Donald Trump can be foudn in Texas.

In an op-ed piece written for the York Times, Paramedic Christopher Suprun said Trump shows daily he is not qualified to hold the Office of President.

In his editorial, Suprun draws parallels between the September 11th Attacks and the recent Presidential Election. He calls George W. Bush an imperfect man who led the country through the tragic days that followed the Attacks–while seeing Trump as someone who fails to lead–and drives a wedge between Americans.

Suprun goes on to write he believes Trump “lacks the foreign policy experience and demeanor” to be Commander in Chief. He goes on to criticize the selection of General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser, and questions the Trump Organization’s business dealings with foreign countries.

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