This Texas Pony’s Not Dead

It’s embarrassing! A Texas family keeps getting calls informing them that their pony is dead. What would you think if you saw a horse on its back with four legs in the air?

Turns out, the pony named Pinto just likes to play dead, much to the chagrin of his owners.

In a video that’s gone viral, you can hear the frustration in Kelley’s voice as she urges Pinto to get up.

“You embarass me for the neighbors,” she says.

Kelley and her husband got a call from an electrical contractor doing some work on their farm in Kerens, Texas.  He told them the pony was dead and rigamortis had set in because the horse was on his back with his legs up. Kelley had to explain the pony was playing possum.

“Quit playing dead. Everyday, I think I’m going to have to get a tractor here to get you up,” Kelley tells Pinto in the video.

She says Pinto learned the “play dead” routine all on his own.



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