Texas Senate Approves Ethics Reform

A unanimous “yes” from the Texas Senate for a package of ethics reforms for lawmakers.

“At the end of the day, this is not Van Taylor’s bill, it’s not Greg Abbott’s bill, it’s not Dan Patrick’s bill… this is the people’s bill” Senator Van Taylor said at the time he introduced the measure.

“If we fail again, what’s at state is not just this bill–but the people’s trust–which is at the heart of our democracy” Taylor said.

The measure would require more reporting of potential conflicts of interest and lobbying, while aiming to set clearer lines between politicians and lobbyists. It would also set standards for removing convicted lawmakers from office.

Across the aisle, Democratic Senator John Whitmire called the bill a no brainer.

“Ethics is not a partisan issue” Whitmire said at the time the bill was introduced, lending his support to Taylor’s effort.

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