Texas Senators Line Up Behind Gorsuch

Senators on both sides of the political aisle are drawing lines–and making cases for and against United States Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch.

That includes both Senators from Texas–who sit on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee–which has opened hearings on Gorsuch which are expected to continue over the next couple of days.

“As you know, historically these (hearings for Supreme Court nominees) used to be pretty routine… of course, that was until Judges became seen as policy makers” Senator John Cornyn said during his opening remarks ahead of questions from the Committee to Gorsuch, going on the warn the Nominee of what might lie ahead.

“As you can already tell, this is going to be a much different experience than you had ten years ago” Cornyn said, looking back on what was a unanimous Senate vote confirming Gorsuch as an appeals court judge.

The Senate’s Number Two Republican pointed to long, and varied list of people who are on record as saying Gorsuch is well-qualified to serve on the High Court.

“President Obama’s Solicitor-General–from whom this Committee will hear–wrote in the New York Times that liberals should back Judge Gorsuch because he would live up to the promises to administer justice with respect to persons, and to do equal right to the poor and to the rich” Cornyn said.

Senator Cornyn’s sentiments were echoed by fellow Texas Senator Ted Cruz–who is frustrated over the demands being made by some Democrats for Gorsuch to answer for statements that have been made by President Donald Trump.

“Instead, we should evaluate this Nomination on the record, on the merits–and on that ground, I have every confidence that Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed” Cruz said during his opening remarks.

“Like the renowned Justice (Antonin Scalia) he is set to replace, Judge Gorsuch is brilliant–and has an impeccable academic record” Cruz added, also saying the American people have already weighed in on the Nomination at the ballot box during last year’s Presidential Campaign.

“The voters had a direct choice. The voters understood the twenty-one men and women from whom the President would pick” the Senator said–pointing to the list of potential nominees released by President Trump during the Campaign.



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