Texas Sues Obama–Again

Here we go again.

The State of Texas has filed a new lawsuit against the Obama Administration–this time centering around a new federal rule when it comes to overtime pay.

“The Constitution gives the President certain authority–and that authority is to implement law… not make it” Paxton told KTSA News, describing why he has brought this latest lawsuit against the Obama Administration.

“Constantly, we’re having to sue because we feel the Administration is making new law–and, that’s not just a feeling–they are literally changing statutes” Paxton added.

The rule change will result in a large number of workers being added to those who are currently eligible for overtime pay. Paxton fears that will result in a large number of workers both in Texas–and around the country–suddenly finding themselves without jobs.

“When employers are faced with this choice of keeping employees–or, paying lots more overtime–we’re going to lose some of our jobs” Paxton said.

A total of twenty-one states are involved in the suit–which is being led by Paxton and his counterpart in Nevada.

“It would be a big deal if we did it, but it’s a bigger deal when you’ve got twenty-one states that have agreed this is a problem for their state” Paxton said.

Ultimately, the Attorney General is ready to fight this suit all the way to the United States Supreme Court, hoping the November Election might result in a change of course on the rule.

“Obviously, we’d be hopeful the next President would undo this–but, if not–we’ll be in another lawsuit with the Federal Government going beyond the Election” Paxton said.



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