Texas vs the EPA in D.C.

The State of Texas–and a bunch of others too–versus the Environmental Protection Agency.

It all unfolds Tuesday inside a courtroom in Washington D.C. At the center of it all, the EPA’s controversial Green Power Plan.

“We’ve been growing steadily for decades now… the air we breathe is much cleaner than in 2000” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said ahead of the court date.

“What we need is more reliable energy–and not less. The EPA is trying to stop that” Paxton said, adding “The EPA’s rule re-invents the nation’s energy policy despite the EPA having no statutory authority to do so.”

On the other hand though, there is some suggestion there isn’t as much opposition to the plan in Texas than many might believe.

“In Texas, the people are concerned about both air pollution and green house gases. 68% approve of the Green Power Plan” Voice of the People’s Steven Kull told KTSA News, adding there is some difference of opinion between Republicans and Democrats in one recent survey on the matter.

“46% of Republicans and 94% of Democrats (support the plan). There’s significant differences between the Parties on the issue” Kull said.

Kull said it appears two words: EPA and Obama are dragging support for environmental policies down.

“All of these things get fairly robust bi-partisan support in Texas” Kull said.



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