This hasn’t happened in 38 years

For the first time since the good ol’ Carter years, Americans can hop a cruise ship from Miami to Havana.

At least you can vacation in communism, since it doesn’t look like Bernie’s going to make it.

I wonder if there’ll be an ironic moment when “Adonia” will pass a refugee boat going the other way? Most popular bar drink? White Russians? Moscow mules?

One story I read reported that the Castros get $500,000 per cruise. Which is probably $499,000 more than each tourist will spend on the island of misfit dictators.

Hope tourism doesn’t spoil communism, the way it ruins the authenticity of everything else. At least we’ll always have North Korea. Back when they got married, Sanders and his bride had to go to Russia for a red honeymoon.

By the way, next time you meet a veteran, thank him or her that we Americans have the privilege of merely visiting communism, instead of trying to scale a wall to escape it. It’s like what someone said about capitalism: its most prevalent disease is obesity.



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