The Season for Scammers

It’s that time of year for joy and a spirit of giving.

It’s also a prime time for scammers to come out and target the most vulnerable among us.

“Older people have more income… they have more assets than younger people in general” Tim Morstad with AARP Texas said, pointing them out as a potentially very inviting target for people who are up to no good.

“Those assets really are a target for scammers. Some people who can’t manage their own finances are being taken advantage of by their caretakers” Morstad said.

Often, scammers will pose as family members or even IRS Agents in their ploys to get at the cash of an older victim. As with the rest of us, Morstad said older Americans should verify who they are speaking with is legit before parting with any cash.

“We have presentations that AARP members give across Texas to help their peers spot and avoid these potential traps” Morstad said.


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