There’s never a Domino’s when you need one

The “chained-up children” story just got worse.

The third arrest in the Chipping Ave. case, where 3- and 4-year-old children were staked to chains in a backyard, is of a real charmer, Deandre Dorch, 36.

He’s the husband of that cutie-pie, Porucha Phillips, who had 6 kids neglected indoors and these 2, who weren’t hers, getting some of that fresh-air abuse. Their mom, Cheryl Reed, is also in custody.

Dorch is charged with what he did NOT do: he did not report or try to prevent the horrors, because, he told BCSO, he’s no” snitch” and “not God”

Point taken, Deandre. You’re definitely a man we can trust to keep a secret.

Meanwhile, in Silverton, OR, some Domino’s pizza employees were chewing the rag one night when they realized some days had gone by since they heard from a regular customer named Kirk. Knowing he had health problems, they tried calling him. Imagine, a pizza place that calls you.

Anyway, getting no answer, they then dispatched a driver to knock on the door. No answer. They called 911. Police found Kirk in very bad shape.

Domino’s pizza (employees) saved his life.

Strangers who acted with love. Those babies on Chipping Ave. could’ve used a Domino’s in their neighborhood.


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