The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is…Our Phones

I’m a news junkie, so I feed the habit even on the weekends, when there’s no talk show.

But it’s slower, lighter consumption, so I can do other things, or not do anything.

My quick impression of the media coverage of the explosions in NY and NJ, and mass-stabbing in MN:

It seemed like the cable news networks were more worried about the Samsung Galaxy 7 a few days earlier. 

With the rash of incidents coming in fast and furious, seemingly a new development behind each errand I ran or college football game I tuned-in, the tone was non-committal: “no indication” of terror, no reason to see these as related.

With the Galaxy, the sheer, shrill panic in the coverage was such that my daughter nervously asked if I, or anyone we know, had one of “those exploding phones”? I assured her that we don’t associate with such people.

Does CNN actually believe we have more to fear from our devices than from devices planted by terrorists? Are you #^&#@!& kidding me?!

The nadir was reached when the networks tried contrasting Trump and Clinton Saturday night:

Trump came right out and referencing the “bombing” in the Big Apple. Clinton was supposed to be the grown-up, but in her sleepy dolor, also blurted out the word “bombings”.

So, they edited it out.

At this point, what difference does it make?!

If stuff blows up in New York City, and it isn’t a gas line, which they knew pretty quickly that it wasn’t, what the hell else are we supposed to think? Sure, investigators investigate. Rule out alternatives. But cultivating a “cool” attitude toward Islamic terrorism is just that, an affectation. A parlor game for effete elites.

Not that we need the Chicken-Little-oh-my-God-the-sky-is-falling coverage that they gave us for the exploding phones. Wouldn’t you think people who work in the electronic media would have some experience with overheating batteries? They act like cavemen who’ve just seen fire for the first time.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, I thought what you thought, when you first heard the news.



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