“This was our family’s 9/11…”

Laura Wilkerson made an appeal to her federal government yesterday that no American should have to make. We should not have to ask our elected leaders to please do their jobs, to please put American lives and interests first.

In excruciating detail, she retold a story she should not have to have told once: about the torture and murder of her son, Josh, by an illegal immigrant named Hermilo Vildo Morales. Who, after acting on what he called his “killing instinct”, went to a movie to unwind.

She excoriated pols who wax emotional about “living in the shadows” and “fear of deportation”: “You want to know what fear is? When someone reaches into your home and grabs your littlest one and tortures them…I could care less about the fear they put themselves in. I didn’t bring my kid across a border”.

“It is time for you to stand in the gap for Americans”.



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