Three Gang Arrests in Seguin

By Pilar Arias

Seguin Police Department extensively investigated the “74 Hoover Crips” gang and made three arrests this week.

A search warrant led to the arrests of 33-year-old Donald Matthews Jr. and 25-year-old Gilbert Brown III.

During a search of the house they were in officers found a pound of meth and a little over $1,000 cash.

Outside in a car, two additional pounds of meth, one pound of cocaine, a bulletproof vest, a semi-automatic rifle, an Uzi 9mm submachine gun and an extended ammo magazine.

The items in the vehicle were linked back to gang member Mason Schmidt, 24.

The total street value of the meth found was $70,000 and the cocaine was $15,000. All of the drugs were packaged and ready for distribution/sale.

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