Three GOP Senators on the Election

Three Senators talking presidential politics in San Antonio Monday afternoon.

Senator John Cornyn, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, and Kansas Senator Jerry Moran took part in a conversation about politics and policies in downtown San Antonio.

Each asked if Donald Trump should release his tax information.

“I’m going to leave that choice to him,” Senator Cornyn said, but if it were him, Cornyn said he’s release his tax information.

“This campaign needs to be about America,” Senator Moran said. “That campaign has to get off the circumstances which the stories are all about the candidate as compared to what the candidate would do if he was elected.”

Are both Presidential candidates qualified or fit to be President?

“Both are fit to be President,” Senator Gardner said. “I think one is better than the other when it comes to how they’d move this country forward, create jobs and economic opportunity for this nation.”

Senator Cornyn and Senator Moran both said the candidates are fit to be President. All three back Donald Trump.



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