Tillerson Goes to Capitol Hill

Donald Trump’s choice to be Secretary of State takes his place in the Capitol Hill spotlight.

Texan and former ExxonMobil Chief Rex Tillerson was introduced to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

“Mr. Tillerson understands how to separate friendships and business. He knows who he works for” the Senate’s Number Two Republican told the Committee ahead of Tillerson’s confirmation hearing, recalling their first meeting: when Cornyn was the Texas Attorney General–and filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobil.

“Over the years, I’ve grown to admire and respect Rex–and he didn’t let our differences get int he way of what we could agree on” Cornyn said.

Cruz said Tillerson’s voice is clearly needed in what are now very difficult times around the globe.

“After the last eight years, we face a circumstance where many of our friends no longer trust us… and many of our enemies no longer fear us” Cruz said, pointing to Tillerson’s global experience at the top of ExxonMobil as proof he’s the right person to be America’s top diplomat.

“Effectively advocating the interests of his company, shareholders, and employees” Cruz said.

Tillerson echoed some of those sentiments in his opening remarks to the Committee.

“I come before you at a pivotal time in both the history of our nation and our world” Tillerson said, pointing to threats from China, Russia, and radical Islamic terrorism.

“American leadership must not only be renewed–it must be reasserted” Tillerson said, adding “Quite simply, we are the only global superpower with the means and the moral compass capable of shaping the world for good.”



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