Update: Tim Kaine Adds Friday Austin Stop

Tim Kaine is in Houston and Austin Friday, stumping for his running mate Hillary Clinton.

“They’re looking for a deep dive on trying to get the Latino voters,” University of Houston Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus told KTSA News. “If they can get 70-80% of them to (vote Democrat), then Texas is in a position to be a big player in the future, especially for the Democrats hoping to be able to turn Texas a little bit more blue.”

In fact, Kaine will join Latino Democrats in Austin Friday Afternoon who will announce endorsements for Hillary Clinton.

But, Rottinghaus said, Texas is not in play this election cycle.

“The Republicans aren’t in any jeopardy of losing (Texas), but it is potentially the case that Democrats are looking to invest in the future and, if they can have a little bit of time right now invested, it could pay off big time in the future,” he said.

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