Transgender Teen’s Mom Digs in for New Fight in Austin

By Pilar Arias

The mother of a local transgender teen says her daughter’s transition is one of the main reasons she refuses to give up the fight against a state bathroom law.

“We’re all going to be back up at the capitol on Tuesday stating our case, letting our voices be heard. We are not going to lie down for discrimination,” Ginger Chun said. The Legislature’s special session begins Tuesday.

Chun’s daughter came out three years ago and started high school as a boy. Chun considers her family lucky and wishes all parents of transgender children would be accepting.

“Statistically it shows kids that are not supported have a higher suicide rate and are often not connected with their families as adults if they make it through their young adult years. I have met many transgender people here in San Antonio that have absolutely no relationship with their families,” Chun said.

Chun has lobbied against proposed bathroom laws and feels the discussions have opened the door for more discrimination.


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