TREY WARE: NEW- Another Twist To The Florida School Shooting Story

TREY WARE FEB 27, 2018

Add another twist to the Florida shooting saga.

FoxNews is reporting that EMS teams who requested to enter the school were prohibited from going inside.

And who kept them out? Fox is reporting it was the Broward Sheriff’s Department who denied them permission. Instead, injured students were brought outside to EMS personnel.

First responders want to know why they were denied entry.

Some of the EMS personnel who spoke to the media said they have been through extensive training on the proper procedures for entering a potentially “hot” zone. They said they are trained to follow law enforcement into the facility so they can immediately assess the situation and begin to render aid.

The EMS first responders are “frustrated” because of this delay

Add them to the list of  people who are frustrated and angry over how this situation was handled (or not handled as the case may be).

More to come as the investigation continues…



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