TREY’s TAKE: 5 Things You Need To Know Today

Monday 11/27/17

Welcome Back!

Here are a few of the stories we are covering this morning:

  1. There’s a gang war on the East Side of SA and the FBI is involved. We’ll have details all morning.
  2. 19 year-old found with bomb-making materials on East Side of SA.
  3. Today is Cyber Monday, The Super Bowl of Retail. Forecasters expect record sales.
  4. Internet sales boomed on Black Friday to a record $5 billion
  5. Democrats Al Franken and John Conyers, both accused of sexual impropriety, refuse to resign and will be back at work in Congress today.

Listen all morning for your invitation to the annual Trey Ware Christmas Breakfast Bash December 15th from 7-9am.


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