TREY’s TAKE: 9/11

“Guys it looks like someone has flown a plane into the World Trade Center.”

I can hear those words from news anchor Brent Boller as if he said them just now.

The Warepair with Liz show was live on KTSA on September 11, 2001, discussing the Texas legislative session when Boller broke in.

The television monitor in our studio switched to a camera showing the gaping hole in one of the Twin Towers in New York.

Paper rained from the sky as smoke and fire belched from what minutes earlier was the top floors of the World Trade Center.

“That’s terrorism,” said my father, Ricci Ware.

I agreed, but was hoping someone just screwed up and accidentally flew a plane into the tower. Planes fly over the nearby Hudson all day and night.

Liz jumped up and immediately ran for the KTSA mobile unit to start doing live interviews from the street.

As my father and I continued to describe what we were seeing, the most indescribable sight happened.

Another plane moved into the frame.

“Here comes another one,” I said.

Then – silence.

We looked at each other. Stunned. Sitting in unbelief.

Everything changed on that day. Life will never be the same.

Sunday is the 15-year anniversary of those vicious attacks. I sit here now and feel the same emotions I experienced that day.

So many people have lost their lives since then in terror attacks, and in military service to keep us safe. God bless them and their families.

This is a political season, and our country is extremely divided on many issues. As we gather with family and friends this weekend my prayer is that we lay aside what divides us and unite for the families of those we have lost, and pray that our leaders will be granted Divine wisdom to keep the world safe from those forces which seek to kill and destroy.

May God be gracious and merciful.




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