TREY’s TAKE:  The Activist Left’s Culture War is Making The U.S. Unsafe

At first the Activist Left took in after God Himself.  We must not make any reference to Him in public schools because there are those who don’t believe, and any mention of God will upset them terribly, they said.


Through decades of threatening lawsuits and actually filing them, the Activist Left has so scared the milquetoast public school leaders that any mention or slight reference to God must be severely punished.


Having won the battle for the schools the Activist Left turned their attention to the culture at large.


They began producing television shows which slandered anyone who showed faith in God.  Strong, moral, heterosexual heads of household were portrayed as idiot buffoons.   Hollywood did the same with movies.


Then it was time to attack commerce.  Anyone who brought their religious convictions to the marketplace was targeted for destruction, and with a sympathetic administration and a bunch of wimps in Congress, Christian businesses have been told they must violate their convictions or pay astronomical fines.


This week the administration did something to advance their war on traditional American values which will leave our military weaker and the U.S. less safe.


In caving to the radical voices of the Activist Left Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced transgendered people can now serve openly in the military.


Guys can play dress up and act like girls, and girls can act like guys while in the uniform of the U.S. military.


Not only that, but taxpayers get to pay for medical services for those who want to cosmetically change their gender, (actual change is impossible).


Those who are confused about their sexuality have always been allowed to serve in our military so long as they conformed to the conduct which made our military the best fighting force on the planet.


But that’s not the direction the nation’s leaders are taking our military now.


Our military is being treated as a petri dish for social change.  The Activist Left knows they can easily win change in the military because those changes are forced on those serving, and those who serve have no recourse other than to leave the military.


The bigger danger is that the focus has been taken off the mission of defending our homeland with the best prepared military fighting force in the world.  Now the focus is on how the military can be exploited to bring about social change to America.


The Activist Left has won another battle, and it’s the one that could cost us the war and our nation.



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