TREY’S TAKE:  Ah The Joys….

Don’t yank my man card, but I must admit I truly enjoy shopping with Nancy.  It’s a treat to spend one on one time cruising the aisles for deals.  We have enjoyed this shopping time together for more than 30 years.  So I was up for it when she said she needed to go to one of our favorite big warehouse stores.

Once there I headed inside while she grabbed the cart, (she likes to drive).  Suddenly, I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful blue and white box.  I stood there and stared at this glorious thing of beauty, and barely felt the nudge as Nancy leaned into my shoulder.

“Trey want huh?”  she said imitating what a caveman might sound like.

“My Neanderthal showing again?” I asked.

“Not really, but you do have a bit of drool on your chin.”  she grinned.

The box staring back at me listed the features.  3100 psi, 4 spray nozzles, easy assembly, and PUSH BUTTON START!  What?!  No more yanking on a cord?  And it was on sale!

“Get it,” Nancy smiled as she began to stroll away with the cart.

Once home I tore into the box.  They weren’t kidding about easy assembly.  Insert the handle, pour oil (providing with funnel) into crankcase, fill with gas, and fire that puppy up.  I may be a caveman at times, but I’m also a convenience enthusiast.

What to attack first?  Hmmm.  I surveyed my domain looking for my first victim.  Aha!  The driveway!

I fired up my new Subaru, (bet you thought they only made cars), pressure washer and went at it.  Our driveway is long, and it’s been some time since it was last cleaned so I knew this was going to be an involved project.

Inch by inch I made my way down the drive removing years of dirt, grime, oak pollen, and whatever else was embedded between the tiny stones, stopping briefly every hour or so for a cold drink.

I absolutely love this kind of work because you can see the results immediately.  Plus, I switch my mind into neutral for a while.  Something that I rarely get the opportunity to do.

Ah, the joys of pressure washing.  Driveway clean.  Caveman proud.  Cavelady smiling.

Now – for my next victim….



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