TREY’S TAKE:  Is It Already Too Late?

 Just a heads up right off the bat, one of these videos is NSFW.  Two examples of kids who have no respect nor sense of decorum, and who lack the social norms of civility.

And at a another rally, watch this  

Watch this

Okay so now that’s over.  What do you think is going on here?  Parents not doing their job?  Society teaching them this is acceptable and even “cool?”  Social media giving them an example to follow?  We took God out of schools and public life?

My sense is it’s some of all that and more.  Throughout history the standout countries were never defeated or destroyed from the outside.  The greatest and most dangerous threat to any great nation always comes from within.

When a people decides there is no Higher Power (God) to which they must give account they decide they can do anything without consequences.  Anything.  Where human life is devalued disrespect abounds because the prevailing attitude becomes, “Why should I care about you enough to be decent to you?”  

When leadership becomes so corrupt they make conscious decisions to perpetuate their own corruption instead of doing what’s right, the governed follow their example into the moral abyss.

My prayer is that one day America will wake up and realize what is happening – what we are doing to ourselves.  I hope it won’t be too late.



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