Trey’s Take: Is This Another Step Toward Legalization Of Pot?

DA Nico Lahood has announced a new program of cite-and-release for low-level offenders.

Soon, if you are caught with less than 4 ounces of pot you will be given the opportunity to go to class, do community service, and pay a fine. Do all that and the DA will not file a case against you.

The new program also includes Class B criminal mischief, Class B theft, and Class B driving with an invalid license.

Last year about 2500 people in Bexar County were arrested for less than 2 ounces of pot. The hope is the new program will cut down on the number of arrests, and jail overcrowding.

Also, officials say it will free up officers to work on solving more violent crimes, an area SA has been blowing up with according to the FBI.

Thoughts to ponder:

How long before recreation pot is all legal in Texas?

What are they waiting for?

Do you support it?


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