TREY’s TAKE:  Another Terror Attack in the U.S.

People went to Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida on Saturday night looking for summer fun.  Instead they found themselves in the middle of the worst terror attack in terms of numbers of causalities on American soil since 9/11.  At least 50 dead, approximately 53 injured, some of them are clinging to life at this writing.

Please keep the victims and their families in your prayers.

Authorities tell us the killer called 911 during the attack to pledge his allegiance to ISIS, and the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.  Yet, when President Obama gave his remarks on the terror attack he said we “have no definitive assessment of the motivation” and “we know he was a person filled with hate.”

He went on talk about American’s “easy” access to guns, but once again he never made mention of radical Islamic terror.  Dr. Jeffery Addicott from the Center for Terrorism Law at St Mary’s was on KTSA with Jack and me during our special team coverage Sunday afternoon, and again Dr. Addicott said we will never defeat what we won’t identify.

The story will continue to unfold and we will update you with the latest information on HERE ON KTSA


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