TREY’s TAKE: Bed-Wetting Prostitutes Dossier Paid For Hillary Campaign?

Seriously, who is shocked to learn that the whole Trump-colluded-with-Russia fabrication came from a dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign?

This according to a story in today’s Washington Post.

The juiciest part is apparently the company Hillary’s cronies hired was getting at least some of their info from the Kremlin.

So, Hillary’s crew was colluding with the Russians to get information they could use against Donald Trump?

All of which was apparently false?

And Jim Comey and the FBI wanted to continue to use this info after the election?

Information which apparently was the germ from the Trump/Russia collusion fake news?

How about the tidbit which indicates the guy at the center of the Trump/Russia collusion BS story is Paul Manafort. He’s the guy who Special Council Bob Mueller had the FBI raid his home in the middle of the night. Now we find out that at some point Manafort allegedly worked for the Podesta Group. John Podesta was the head of the Hillary campaign.

Can’t make it up.

No worries, I’m sure Andrea Mitchell is in makeup as we speak getting ready to do a friendly interview with Mzzzzzz Clinton which will give Chris Cuomo and MSDNC the ammo they need to tell us what we really need to know.

And Angel Hillary will skate again.


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