TREY’s TAKE: Big NFL Story

Over the past two seasons Colin Kaepernick has devolved into a lousy NFL quarterback, and now he has dissed my country. He’s not worthy of my emotional energy.

The most significant thing that happened in the NFL this week was the injury to Tony Romo. I hope I am wrong, but I believe it is possible that Tony is done as a QB in the NFL.

He’s 36 years-old and has suffered many injuries. At some point he must start thinking about what his life will be like when he turns 60.

I am a Romo fan who believes he carried the Cowboys on his shoulders when other QB’s would have folded. Those years took an incredible toll on Tony, and there would be no shame if if he decided to walk away today.

At the same time, the Cowboys must start thing thinking about life after Romo, and so far Dak Prescott has looked like he just might be the quarterback of the future.

We will find out soon enough…


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