I want to thank my guests Mike Frisbie w/City of San Antonio, Commissioner Kevin Wolff from the MPO, and Terri Hall from TURF for a lively and informative discussion in the Alamo Lounge about transportation.  If you didn’t hear the show on KTSA, it is podcasted at  There’s a lot of good info about transportation needs and solutions so it’s worth the listen.

One of the points that stood out to me the most is the Planners (the ones in the panel offices in grey suits) are hell bent on trying to group people together to travel.  Like in the northeast where people live , work, shop, eat, and play all within 2 miles of home.  Or in other urban zones where people stumble out to a train station, ride the train to a central locale downtown, and walk to their office.

That set-up works in the northeast because people are geared for that. That’s life for urban nor easterners. That’s how they commute, and they’re cool with it. The mindset here is a completely different ballgame.  We like our vehicles.  We enjoy the freedom of going when and where we want on our own schedule.  The Planners think they can change our minds about that and through what they call a “pain threshold” we will learn to love urban living and group commuting.  And so that’s where your tax money is focused.  Projects are designed and built with a carrot and stick all with the ultimate goal of changing your mind.  One way or the other the Planners think they can change your mind and you will get out of your gas guzzling car or diesel wasting truck and ride the bus or train or better yet for them you will walk or ride your bike.  I believe that’s why roads are a continuous mess.  They actually want you to come to hate driving your vehicle.  A bit conspiratorial I know, but I believe it nonetheless.

How about it?  Is their plan working?



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