TREY’S TAKE: Cheating and Winning

While growing up on the East/Northeast side of San Antonio, I was involved in all types of competitive sports.  My first love was football, but I played a little basketball, baseball, soccer, and I was a competitive swimmer.

Outside the usual stick and ball competition, I was fortunate to be very heavily involved in auto racing as my dad owned two speedways where I was pace-car driver and announcer.  My brother was a phenomenally successful race car driver, and I drove race cars for about 20 years.

While competing in sports and auto racing I have been involved in the highly competitive media business for over 41 years.  I view the competition in our business as friendly and very tough.

Through all those years there has been a guiding principle that I have tried to live by.  It was hammered into my head by my father.

“Son, if you cheat and win you haven’t proved a thing, but if you play by the rules and beat ’em fair and square – NOW ya done something.”

Think about that.  If you win by breaking the rules, rigging the system, what have you proved?  That you’re the best cheater?

No thanks.  I like sleeping well at night.

The Wikileaks email leak of 20,000 Democrat party emails prove only one thing. Hillary and her party bosses are the best cheaters.

They rigged the system to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.  Everything that follows is a farce – a fraud.

Something tells me they sleep okay though, and that’s sad.



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