TREY’s TAKE: Is Your Child’s School Teaching This?


Pastor Chad Vegas of Bakersfield, CA has been on the largest school board in California and the USA for 12 years.  At this point, he is basically the leader of the board.

I mean, WAS the leader of the board.

Pastor Vegas just resigned.

Here is his statement:

“CA has mandated this [school transgender policy] for the whole state. I have served on the largest high school board in CA, and the nation, for 12 years. I basically lead that board. Our board voted to adopt the new law into policy. I voted against it. I was breaking the law for doing so. I could be personally sued and our attorney tells me the board insurance won’t cover me because I am breaking the law and I am a bigot.”

What’s in the transgender policy that caused the Pastor to resign?  The new California law requires that all middle and high schools in the state offer instruction on how to have safe homosexual sex, and how to get an abortion in California.  The law also requires schools to teach that gender and biological sex don’t necessarily correspond.

The community is begging the Pastor to stay on the board, but he is resolute in his decision.  He said this to his supporters, “My time as a public school board member has come to an end. I am very much at peace with this decision. While I am not optimistic about the future of our country, I am deeply optimistic about the future of Christ’s church. Jesus will build his church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”


When pressed about the issue, the Pastor said “It is legally required to teach your children the LGBTQ sexual mores while simultaneously illegal to mention God.  I can’t and won’t enforce that foolishness.”

This saga was a reminder to me that the Activist Left is hard at work in our public government-run schools.  Instead of teaching the basic academics our children will need to forge progress in medicine, science, and technology, public schools have surrendered to the Activist Left and are allowing them to program our children to their way of life.

I applaud the Pastor for his principles, but I am saddened by his resignation.  He sounds like just the kind of person we need on school boards all across the USA.

What are they teaching in your child’s school?



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