TREY’s TAKE: Cite-And-Release Program Expands To Include

In September, Bexar County officials announced a ‘cite-and-release’ program for non-violent offenders.

Overcrowding at the Bexar County jail has always been a problem, and county honchos say this new program will help the issue.

The program gives officers more discretion while on a stop to issue a citation instead of immediate arrest for things like possession of a small amount of marijuana.

It basically reduces it down to a traffic citation. Offenders still must pay a fine, complete a course and community service, and ultimately are subject to jail time.

Sheriff Salazar said they want to arrest the people we are afraid of, not those we are mad at.

Yesterday, SAPD Chief Bill McManus sent a memo to City Manager Sculley recommending the city follow suit and allow city officers to do the same.

Mayor Nirenberg is all in saying, “it will ensure a more efficient, effective use of police resources to keep our city safe.”

I think that’s true. Tossing everyone in the jail for low-level, non-violent crimes doesn’t make sense. Especially when the FBI is calling SA one of the most violent cities in the nation.

Let’s focus on what’s important, and not waste our resources majoring on the minors.

What are your thoughts?



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