TREY’S TAKE: Dems Sit to Take Away Due Process

Rep. John Lewis, a democrat and liberal civil rights icon, is now leading a “sit in” on the House floor to take away fundamental rights granted to humans by our Creator.

Isn’t it ironic – don’t ya think?

It’s all about due process. You know, that pesky little part of the Constitution that says the government cannot deprive citizens of their God-given rights without going to court and proving why it has a compelling interest in you not having your rights.

That is exactly what “no-fly, no-buy” would do. It will deprive US citizens of their God-granted right to due process when trying to exercise their God-given right to arm themselves for protection.

Today, it’s the second amendment. Next week, it will be free speech or religion.

Apparently, these dems who are sitting on the floor of the House chambers could care less about due process rights of US citizens.

“Where is our moral leadership?” Mr. Lewis ranted. “Where is our soul?”

Indeed, sir. Anyone who wants to deny another citizen their God-given right to self-protection, while being protected by men armed with the very guns they seek to deny to fellow citizens should have their morality questioned!

Question their humanity while you’re at it.

A radical Islamic terrorist kills unarmed civilians in a nightclub and the democrats want to remove the constitutional right of due process.

Where is YOUR soul, democrat leadership?

I have a suggestion for those who never made it out of the 1960’s and are seeking to do a throwback sit-in.

Go sit in the oval office until President Obama actually takes the terrorists seeking to attack us in our homeland seriously. Sit there until her stops releasing the terrorists from Gitmo and returning them to the battlefield. Sit there until he calls it what it is, “radical Islamic terrorism”.

But if you do, be sure to take some food and water. You’re going to be there a while.







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