TREY’s TAKE: Donald Trump Gives Big Media “The Business!”

If Wednesday’s press conference is any indication, this is going to be a very interesting, and dare I say entertaining four years.

During the conference, President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at Buzzfeed for printing unverified and unsubstantiated salacious claims about him.

He called the website a “failing pile of garbage.”

The moment that is getting all the ‘buzz” though is when he refused to allow CNN’s Rick Acosta to ask a question.

Acosta kept speaking while Trump kept telling him to be quiet. Trump said Acosta was being rude, and he made it clear CNN would not be allowed to ask a question during this conference.

Then he said it. The line heard throughout the press world – –

“You’re fake news!”

You can watch the entire exchange here

Gasp! Whaa? OMG! were the spoken and unspoken responses in the room.

Then the big media circled the wagons and stood up for CNN.

National Press Club President Thomas Burr sent out a statement later in the day which said;

“It is dangerous and unhealthy to declare a news item as ‘fake news’ to distract from facts that you may not like or don’t favor your perspective. Our incoming president must treat the news media as the vital cornerstone of our democracy that it is. To label something as ‘fake’ in an effort to undermine news outlets endangers the trust granted journalists by the public and is antithetical to our country’s values.”

Even CNN’s competitor, Fox News, had Shep Smith read this;

“Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents followed journalistic standards and that neither they nor any other journalists should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the president elect of the United States.”

Meanwhile, cheers could be heard in living rooms across the country as the working folk, the people who voted for Trump in droves, saw their hero stick it to big media, again.

“Finally someone is going to give them the business!” one Trump fan said.

What are your thoughts? Did President-elect Trump do the right thing?



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