TREY’S TAKE:  They Don’t Care – They Never Will

The stunning comment made by the VA Secretary Robert McDonald was so outrageous I had to double and triple check to make sure he actually said it.   He did. (Read story here)

The gist goes like this; while speaking to reporters over breakfast, McDonald compared the time people wait for a ride at Disney to the amount of time veterans wait to receive medical care from the VA.  Saying it’s not the amount of wait-time that’s important, it’s your satisfaction with the experience that counts.  McDonald implied that since Disney doesn’t measure the amount of time people wait in line for a ride the VA shouldn’t care how long veterans wait for medical care.

How completely absurd, asinine, and extremely rude to the very people who are the backbone of our country – not to mention completely wrong.  Disney does indeed track your wait times, and they are constantly working on ways to shorten every one of them.  They know they better because their competitor right down the street, Universal Studios, is doing everything humanly possible to cut wait times.

Besides Mr. Secretary, this isn’t Disney.  These folks aren’t waiting to board Small World.  These are human lives.  Many veterans have died waiting for care.  Our veterans deserve more than mindless, uncaring bureaucrats.

Here is another in the long line, (endless actually), of examples where government completely fails the people.  The people running the show don’t care.  They never have, and they never will.  It is beyond time to privatize the jobs these careless bureaucrats are doing.  It’s time to abolish these agencies and give these tasks to private industry.  Allow competition.  Competition will force industry to get right.  With privatization and competition our veterans will get better service, faster.

Every American should care deeply about this.  Not only is taking care of our veterans the right and just thing to do, but if we don’t privatize more government services right now EVERY American will soon feel this same uncaring attitude.

Just think what our healthcare system will be like once government controls it all.  They won’t care how long you wait.  They won’t care if they treat you right.  Once competition is erased, they can treat you however they please.

We don’t have to guess at this one.  Private industry and competition vs. cold robotic bureaucrats.  Give me the former, and punt the latter.



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