TREY’s TAKE: the fact that politicians are not talking about this is absolutely stunning

Change has always been a part of the system of the U.S. economy, and in particular, the workforce. Various technological advancements and enhancements have brought about several “revolutions” in American business history which have had direct effect on our population, and rippled throughout the world.

Though change is constant, we are going through an extraordinary period in business which is impacting the lives of everyone. Yes, everyone.

Technology is replacing the human workforce at the fastest rate in history. Put simply, we have created the very machines which will take our jobs.

The signs of automation, robots, and other forms of artificial intelligence are all around us. For example, when I began in radio in the mid 1970’s a human being always had to be at the radio station. A licensed person had to provide content, monitor the transmitter, and be onsite as an FCC requirement. Today, ALL of these jobs can, and in many instances are, done by some form of automation.

Purchased anything at Walmart or Home Depot lately? Some stores do not have a single human checker at the register. Self-checkout typically has one person who oversees several stations at a time.

And it was in the news last week that a self-driving beer truck delivered a load of brew without a driver behind the wheel. He was in the sleeper in case anything went wrong. In the future one person will oversee a fleet of self-driving delivery trucks and/or drones. All those drivers you see on the highway will be unemployed and searching for a job.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of students will attend school online with just one instructor. We will soon be faced with decisions about what to do with all of these gigantic schools we have built on every corner, and all the teachers who will be looking for work.

Every industry will be affected by this tsunami of change. This is growing faster than many people thought it would, and the result will be a revolution in the American workforce. Jobs that have always existed are going away as automation is replacing humans.

Our personal lives are changing too as some people are opting for robots over humans for relationships and sex, but that’s another story for another day.

Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing because in every revolution there is opportunity for those who think ahead and manage the future.

However, the fact that politicians are not talking about this is absolutely stunning. Nothing has ever had a more broad and powerful impact on the future of the American labor force.

Read this interview with Elon Musk, and prepare. Prepare yourself because it is here. Prepare your children because their world is going to be VASTLY different from ours, just as ours was from our parents’.



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