TREY’s TAKE: FBI Worried About Hack

Will the 2016 President election be over on November 8, 2016?

In 2000 we learned more than we wanted to know about dangling and pregnant chads. The cameras of CNN and Fox were focused on election personnel examining ballots to try to determine the intent of each voter.

The Supreme Court weighed in, and to this day Democrats contend they were robbed.

Ready for part deux?

The FBI has issued a “flash” warning to election officials to beef up security after supposed foreign hackers broke into election systems in Illinois and Arizona. The FBI is “very much worried” about this turn of events.

In the Illinois case hackers downloaded personal data of 200,000 of the state’s voters. Way more than enough to sway an election.

Experts say hackers are more than likely looking for personal info they can sell, but it does prove the point that the system is vulnerable.

Some are concerned Mad Vlad might be playing games with the U.S. election.

So, will we wake up November 9, 2016 certain that the correct person has been named the new President, or will “reasonable doubt” over alleged hacking of the system be the headline of that day?

Anyone taking bets the election goes beyond November 8th?

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