TREY’s TAKE: Our First Time – And It Was Awesome

Nancy and I recently traveled with some friends to a motorcycle rally in Las Vegas. After gathering our luggage we headed out to grab a cab to the hotel. We waited in a forever long line until we were told to stand on a number next to the curb.

More waiting. No biggie, I’m not in a hurry.

A few minutes later a white Honda Element pulls to a stop in front of us. A guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed gets out, I say “four for downtown please,” as he starts loading our bags without a word.

My wife and our friends fill the back seat so I slide into the front passenger seat.

The car was obviously used and abused. Besides the normal wear and tear which I’m cool with, the interior was dirty, and I had a few concerns about the mechanical soundness.

Nancy and I have visited Vegas a number of times and so I noticed it was taking us longer than usual. Traffic wasn’t all that bad, but he seemed to be taking a longer than normal route.

45 minutes and $50 later we were downtown and ready to have some fun.

And we did.

The day to leave Vegas had come and we decided to give UBER a try for the trip back to the airport. We just wanted to check it out. Something new and different.

Nancy logged on to the UBER app and scheduled a ride. In the two minutes it took us to ride the elevator and walk out front of the hotel our ride was there.

A well-dressed lady jumped out of a beautiful brand new Altima, and with a huge smile and wave said, “Are you guys the Wares?”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered.

“Great! Let me get your bags!”

Nancy and I settled into the backseat of the new and very clean Nissan and away we went.

Sherry from Van Nuys told us about her career and how she came to be a driver for UBER. It was a fascinating story of how she was supplementing her income by driving for UBER one day a week.

Sherry was very proud of her car and it showed in cleanliness, and it smelled good too.

Her radiant personality made us feel comfortable, and the ride went by very quickly.

She explained how we can rate the drivers and their cars on the app, and they would be rating us too.

Very cool. We decide if we ever want to ride with Sherry again, and Sherry gets to decide if she wants us to ride with her again.

The free market at work! I love it!

We arrived at the airport in less than 20 minutes and the price was $18!

$50 in the cab to the hotel vs. an $18 ride with smiling Sherry back to airport.

Gotta love this free market thing.

The entire experience was awesome, and yes we will definitely use them again.


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