TREY’s TAKE: Fix Our Streets – Now

Congratulations to the winners, and good luck to those who are in runoffs after Saturday’s election.┬áThe next big day is June 10.

A really big day should be today, but it won’t be.

That’s when the trucks should be rolling to fix our streets.

Now. This minute. As in immediately.

SA voters said “yes” to a $850 million bond package which when coupled with an additional $350 million totals $1.2 billion.

Serious money to be able to fix every pothole in the city.

Voters were repeatedly promised street repair if they just said “yes” to OneSA.

Want better streets? Vote “yes” on the bond, and 78% of those who voted said “yes” to Prop 1 – streets, bridges, and sidewalks.

So why isn’t the city ready to roll with street repair now?

Manager Scully said, “By year two and three you’ll see construction rolling out.”

Do what?

Come again…

Maybe after day two or three. Even month two or three would be okay for most folks.

But year two or three?

We are stuck in pothole hell on streets that are ripping our cars to shreds for two or three more years???

Is that what you voted for?

It’ll be fun to watch and see which gets done first – streets repaired, or the land-bridge.



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