TREY’s TAKE: Good On Ya Jerra

After the Cowboys loss to the Packers Sunday, Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones was asked about player protests during the National Anthem.

Jerry’s answer was as straight-forward as it gets, “If there’s anything disrespectful to the flag, then we will not play, OK?”

Jones went further and stronger than any other owner to date, “We’re going to respect the flag…”

Another owner, Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins, apparently told his team to stand during the Anthem, according to media reports.

Players from the 49ers (0-5), Giants (0-5), Cardinals (2-3), Eagles (4-1), and Titans (2-3) all had players who protested.

With the exception of the Eagles, it is clear these teams should spend more time on football fundamentals and less on social justice.

What do you want to be, a football player or a social justice warrior?

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