TREY’s TAKE on Harleys and Government Abuse

It’s no secret that one of the true joys of my life – next to being with Nancy and the Grandgirls – is riding motorcycles.

My love for riding on two began when I was six years-old.  I will never forget the day my dad came home with a my brand new Honda in the back of his truck.  I couldn’t wait to jump on it and take off, and I have never looked back.

Today my motorcycle is bigger, louder, faster, and cost a little more.

Make that a lot more.  It actually costs more than it should due to all the government regulations placed on manufacturers.

And once again the federal government is abusing the premiere American motorcycle company, Harley-Davidson.

I won’t get technical on how a V-Twin engine (the type of engine on every Harley-Davidson motorcycle) works other than to say it takes air and fuel mixing in just the right ratio to cause the explosion inside the engine which propels the motorcycle forward.

For nearly 100 years engine manufacturers relied on carburetors to mix the air and fuel.  The same type of carburetor technology used on every car and truck was used on motorcycles.

New technology called fuel injection came along, and now carburetors are part of a bygone era.  Almost every vehicle on the road today is fuel-injected.

It’s wonderful technology, and can be easily controlled with an on-board computer. All cars and most motorcycles have computers controlling the injectors.

Harley-Davidson invented a tuner that could be hooked up to the motorcycle and a computer.  This allowed qualified technicians to adjust the fuel to air mixture to make the motorcycle perform more efficiently, produce better fuel economy, and allow the rider to customize the performance of the bike to his or her desires and abilities.

This tuner did nothing which would harm the environment.  Nothing.

Then along came our abusive EPA and the Obama Justice Department, and in their “infinite wisdom” they deemed the Harley tuner a “defeat device.” They claim it’s illegal to modify a certified vehicle.

The government fined Harley $15 million and ordered them to destroy hundred of thousands of these tuners.

Harley also must contribute millions to a project which replaces wood-burning stoves with clean stove technology. What does THAT have to do with motorcycles?

This idiocy comes with an enormous price tag and will do absolutely nothing to improve the quality of the environment.  That’s because motorcycles account for less than three percent of vehicles in this country, and the vast majority are not even Harleys!

This whole thing is about the federal government targeting an American-made product in order to exercise more of their rabid control over the lives of formerly free citizens. They won’t  stop until they control every aspect of everyone’s life.

The best thing we could do for the environment is get rid of all the hot air coming out of DC these days.



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