TREY’s TAKE: All Hell Breaks Loose on Texas House Floor on Last Day of Session

The 85th session of the Texas legislature came to a halt with a brawl on the floor of the Texas House Monday as several lawmakers were involved in a scuffle over the new sanctuary cities law.

Pro-illegal immigration/open borders supporters packed the Capitol with loud disruptive activists, many who claimed to be in the USA illegally.

This ticked off Republican lawmaker Matt Rinaldi who allegedly called ICE on the protesters.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Mr. Rinaldi told several democrats he had called authorities and they supposedly responded with extreme anger, and according to Mr. Rinaldi, the threat of violence.

That’s when he allegedly told one lawmaker he would “put a bullet” in the head of a democrat legislator head as an act of self-defense.

He now claims he is under DPS protection.

Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott may call a special session to deal some unfinished biz, so the “MMA Battle of the Texas Legislators” may soon continue.

Never a dull moment…




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