TREY’s TAKE:  How To Help Dallas Police

I just finished watching an interview with Dallas Police Chief David Brown. I knew nothing of him until Friday morning, but it has become abundantly clear to me that he is an incredible leader of his men and women. I think the fact that EVERY officer came to work on Saturday is a testament to the officer’s commitment and Chief Brown’s leadership.

Many people are asking how they can help – what they can do to aid the Dallas PD.

#1 – Pray. Pray for the families of the fallen officers. Pray for the Dallas PD. Pray for wisdom for the leaders. Pray for protection for law enforcement everywhere. Pray for the USA.

#2 – Give. Chief Brown mentioned the needs of the families of the fallen. Most will not receive their next paycheck for quite some time, but their mortgages and car loans need to be paid, and they need to put food on the table. Chief Brown asked for donations to be made to either of the website links below.

While it’s completely understandable that not everyone can give money – I think it’s possible for all to hold these heroes and their families before the Throne of God for His mercy, blessing, peace, and protection to be upon them.

Thank you. God bless law enforcement all across the USA.

Here are the links:



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