TREY’s TAKE: Here’s Another Very Important Point About The Mall Shooting

So I read and heard a lot of criticism of the dead man from the Rolling Oaks Mall shooting.

Things like, “What is an unarmed man doing taking on armed robbers???”

And – “Well, he would still be alive if he hadn’t had stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong!!!”

Let’s get a couple of things straight right now.

One, according to the dead man’s wife (interview on KSAT) her husband placed himself between the gunmen and his family. Yes family. Apparently the couple’s kids were there too.

That’s when the gunman, “Just started shooting,” she said.

Yet people on social media are criticizing a dead man for protecting his wife and kids from a crazed gunman by standing in front of them?

How dare he! Guess he should have hidden himself behind them, or run and left them there alone with the killers.


Police Chief Bill McManus called the man’s actions heroic. I agree!

Two, a story on KENS 5 says the mall has a no carry policy. The mall’s manager, Dustin Christensen says the mall prohibits guns on their property.

He said the policy is clearly posted at all of their entrances. NO GUNS ALLOWED!

This proves a point I have made many times.

Gun Free Zones Are A Myth!

Criminals don’t check their guns at the door of gun-free zones. In fact, bad guys seek out gun-free zones because they know they are not likely to meet resistance.

Time to get smart and do away with “gun-free” zones. They do nothing but make it easier for thugs while endangering the lives of families like that of Jonathan Murphy.



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