TREY’s TAKE: Here’s What Was Missing From The Debate and Why They Matter More Than Who Won

There are certain principles which are essential to the very survival of the United States as the free nation our founders intended.

Sadly, these three essentials were never mentioned during the Clinton/Trump debate.


The founders of our country were clear in their dedication and devotion to the God of the Bible as being the very bedrock of the “natural rights” all humans are entitled to. Each and every founder agreed that “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” are bestowed on all humans from God. Their reasoning was clear- if man gives us these rights, then men could take them away.

God and natural rights were never mentioned. Not once.

The Constitution

Next to the Bible, the Constitution is the most important document for all citizens of the United States to read, study, memorize, and understand. Our guiding principles were carefully and steadfastly recorded so we would never have to guess about the rules of the game. Although it was printed on the wall behind them the current candidates didn’t believe it was even worth a mention.

One wonders how much longer the Constitution will survive.

Limited Government

THE principle which made the United States the most prosperous nation the world has ever known is the concept of limited government. The Jeffersonian idea that “the government which governs best is the government which governs least,” is absolutely correct.

It is not a politician’s job to fix our lives. No politician can do that. Paying for healthcare, college education, and cell phones is NOT what our government is designed to do. Our society is designed for morally sound individuals who will take personal responsibility for their own lives. The number one job of our elected leaders is to keep government out of our way.

None of these bedrock principles were mentioned. Not one. And yet without them we will never be the great country our founders sacrificed so much to win for all of us.




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