TREY’s TAKE: Hillary Clinton the Compromised Candidate

So the Wikileaks release of DNC emails which revealed the corruption at the Democrat party and tossed the Democrat National Convention into chaos and disarray provided evidence of something national security experts have been warning about for months.

Hillary Clinton is already compromised, and electing her President would be dangerous for America.

We know that as Secretary of State she received and sent classified and top-secret information on her unsecured server.  President Obama appeared on television last week to indicate he believed in the Russian connection to the Wikileaks hack because the Russians have attempted to hack our secure government systems, and he is sure they hack into the private accounts of government officials.

If true, that leaves little doubt that the Russians, and probably the Chinese, Iranians, etc, already have U.S. secret information from Hillary’s server.

Moreover, these same nations, and Lord knows who else, almost assuredly have information on Hillary which could be used against her.

I can imagine the red phone ringing at 3am in Hillary’s oval office and someone with a demand and the dirt on her to be able to force her to do their bidding.

As President, Hillary would be completely compromised, and therefore a danger to the country.

Yet another reason she must not become President.  The list continues to grow.


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