TREY’s TAKE On Hottest Topics


Had a great time as emcee at the annual Parktoberfest at Brackenridge Park. This event brings attention to a San Antonio treasure, Brackenridge Park. I love the place and have lots of great memories there. I bet you do too.


It’s the “Superbowl of politics.” “The WWE Smack-down between Clinton and Trump.” “The World Series of debates.” “The All-Star game of political battles.”

Tonight sure has a bunch of hype to live up to.

Clinton demanded a different podium because she is smaller than Trump. She is also demanding the moderator, Lester Holt, be a fact checker too and insert himself into the debate.

Then there’s the Cuban/Flowers row.

We will have low and highlights on Tuesday morning between 5 and 9 on KTSA.


I started to hear rumblings last week that Sen Ted Cruz was thinking of endorsing Trump so I mentioned it on the air. I heard from the #neverTrump folks that they would immediately end their support for Cruz. Well, he has. Now the question is will the #neverTrump’s risk losing one of Texas’ Senate seats to a Democrat by withdrawing their support for Cruz?


The Cowboys have a QB controversy on their hands whether they are willing to admit it or not. Several weeks ago I mentioned the Cowboys had found their backup QB, and he wears number 9. I love Tony. He’s great. I’m a fan of Romo, but Dak Prescott can do things Tony can’t. Most importantly, he can extend plays. Tony is incapable of that these days due to his injuries. I say Jerry should offer Tony a position in coaching and make the Cowboys Dak’s team.


There was more kneeling across America this weekend. The NFL is going out of their way to point it our during broadcasts. They are loving the controversy.


What are the chances the mall shooting in Washington state over the weekend WASN’T terror? Officials are doing all they can to blame it on everything other than terror. At first they said the guy was Hispanic, until they arrested him and found out he is from Turkey. Now they are saying he is a zombie. A zombie shooting people in the mall is the very definition of terror.


Police in Kentucky have arrested a man for wearing a clown costume and “lurking in the woods.” They have charged him with “wearing a mask in public.” HUH?


Have a great day no matter what happens. Rom 8:28



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