TREYS TAKE: Human Child vs Gorilla – Which Would YOU Choose?

I never knew the social media world was so full of people with such extensive zoological and primate training. It seems everyone knows what should have been done to prevent a 450 pound gorilla from tearing a child limb from limb. The internet “experts” say the highly trained individuals at the Cincy zoo got it wrong.

Tweets range from outrage over the killing of the gorilla to ridiculous comments like, “If your child falls into the gorilla enclosure say goodbye to your child. It’s called survival of the fittest.”


Some are equating animal life to human life saying that animal life is of the same value as human life.

Really. Seriously.

How did the child get away from the mom? No one seems to know for sure. Maybe she was totally checked out and not paying attention. On the other hand, any honest parent can tell you kids can get away from you in a hurry. It seems the loudest and most critical have never been parents or they are the one set of perfect parents who ever lived. Congratulations to them on their perfect parent awards.

The fact remains he got away and into the gorilla enclosure. Witnesses who saw the entire 10 minute plus encounter, and zoo officials say they were certain the boy would have been killed. They faced a horrible choice. It was the gorilla or the human child. The decision was not easy, but very clear. As sad as it is to see a magnificent beast killed, (and it is sad), officials with tears in their eyes say they had no other choice.

I believe them. After all, I’m not an expert in primate behavior nor do I hold a zoological degree. How about you?




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