TREY’s TAKE: Is This An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Are You Ready For

“Decades of political failure and special interest collusion must and will finally come to an end. It’s time to drain the swamp and sweep corruption out of Washington,” says Donald Trump.

On yesterday’s show I was talking about how Trump, if he is serious about winning, needs to knock off the late-night nonsensical Twitter rants, ban everyone associated with his campaign (including his wife) from talking about the bus, and start talking about BIG ideas.

Ideas such as term limits on congress.

Congress has an approval rating somewhere around 15%. The American people want change, but the lobbyists have such a powerful grip on the process that it is darned-near impossible for an upstart to beat an incumbent.

Unless – unless the old gang is forced outta town.

The Senate voted on a resolution to endorse term limits in 2012, but it failed 24-75. Of course – they don’t want to back a plan that would send them back home to live under the laws they create for the rest of us. Those Washington cocktail parties are just too much fun!

Trump’s plan would limit House members to three terms, or 6 years, and senators to two terms, or 12 years. Also, he wants to prevent staffers from raising campaign funds while on company time.

For as long as I can remember people would say things like, “We have term limits. It’s called elections.” The people I know aren’t saying that anymore. For them and many more, I’m sure, Congressional term limits is an idea whose time has come. It seems as though Trump is among this group as he was against term limits just a few years ago.

The question for Trump is whether it has come in time to save his Presidential bid.



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