TREY’s TAKE: The Most Important Fact of The Mall Shooting Story

Gunmen attack at a NE side mall on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Don’t let the media bury the most important fact of this story.

A civilian gun carrier saved lives!

Before the robbery/shooting suspect could kill more innocent shoppers, he was dropped by a civilian who was armed with his own weapon. Not the mall cop, (who is typically unarmed), and not a police officer, (the first of which didn’t arrive until after the shooting had ended).

Anti-second amendment people don’t want you to exercise your right to protect yourself. They think YOU are the problem. Take YOUR gun away, and we are all good.

Stop the madness here and now.

The Legislature must pass Constitutional Carry now. All able-bodied, law-abiding citizens should get trained and carry.

The life you save might be your own – or even that of your child.



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