TREY’s TAKE: On Kathy Griffin and More – 5 Points to Start Your Day

1- She’s not funny. She’s a 4th rate comedienne at best. And that’s why she has to resort to stupid stuff to get media attention. From faking oral sex on television to now the faux beheading of the President. Kathy Griffin craves attention. Now she has it. CNN is “re-evaluating” their relationship, and the Secret Service is “On it.”┬áThis page is done with her.

2- On a lighter note, have you seen the video on my Facebook page of 12 year-old ventriloquist Darci Farmer? Oh my what talent!!!

3- The Pentagon reports they have successfully shot down a mock warhead over California in a test of a missile meant to stop ICBM’s from reaching the US. The test costs $244 million. Money well spent.

4- Looking up the word “covfefe.” Let me know if you find the definition.

5- The long-delayed annual report from Planned Parenthood is out. It shows they are performing more abortions, providing less of the “other” women’s health services they love to hype, and they made a profit of $77 million after receiving $555 million in taxpayer money. Why are we still funding this group? Anyone?



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